Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin

World Wide WaterfordΒ delivers online Certificate of Origin and other document certification services to exporters around the world.


  • Apply Online

    • No Travel
    • No Couriers
    • No Mail/Post applications to chamber required
  • Pay as you use

    • Simply pay as you use
    • No software installation required
  • Improved Time Efficiency and Productivity

    • Documents certified & returned in minutes rather than days
    • Avoid numerous trips to chamber. System identifies errors in advance
    • Users can quickly copy, edit & resubmit previous applications & rejections online.
    • User friendly system informs exporter of the next steps for successful application.
    • No training needed
  • Intelligent System

    • Break down of costs for export document in advance of application
    • Improves transport costing practices
  • Easy to remain compliant with rules and regulations

    • Our system identifies documentation errors in advance
  • Reduced shipment delays

    • Documents received in minutes rather than days
  • Reduced operational costs

    • No need for courier/postal and telephone costs associated with making manual submissions.
    • Reduced human error costs with editable online applications
  • User-Friendly Interface

    • Our online document application designs match the look and feel of the original paper-based documents.
  • High Level Customer Support

    • 9am to 5pm telephone support
    • 9am to 9pm email support
    • Simplicity of system to clients means reduced queries and calls to chambers
  • Tried and Tested Solution

    • Tradecertify.com is being used by some of the world's largest export companies operating across a variety of industries

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